There is never a bad time to makeout in Cosplay.



that one ship that makes your entire body and soul hurt when you think about it


Hey there :D :D I was just wondering something? Between the two of you, what are your favorite anime series'?

Naruto! Like yes!!!!!!!! NARUTO! We just love it! We other Anime like Soul Eater and Black Butler and Sword Art Online but we really just love Naruto! We grow up with it so it is Naruto! We just love him so much πŸ’šπŸ’™

Your videos are hilarious! I was just wondering, how old are you guys?

Thank You Hun!
And My Wife Megan is 17 And I Cheyenne is 18 :D

Hey Guys :D Saw your latest videos! Loved them!!! Anyway, I was wondering, what are your guys' favorite anime to watch?

Thank You Hun! And our fav Anime is Naruto!!!!! We just love our Ramen Man! Naruto is our fav!

Me on my wedding day: you still like me right


Seriously guys, read the graphic novels.


Seriously guys, read the graphic novels.